Grocery Shopping Service:  Our markets have limited hours on Sundays and holidays. Also, many of our clients end up arriving quite late in the day. Due to this, we do offer a grocery shopping service. Pick from a list of basic items and your cost is $25.00 + the cost of the groceries. If you have a more extensive list, we are happy to oblige, though the service charge may increase depending on the size of the list and how many stores it takes to locate all the items.

Umbrella Rental:  A vendor at Flamenco beach rents beach umbrellas; approximately $30/day for a chair & umbrella. Umbrellas are not an item we require our houses to provide though we understand the desire for many to have them. If your house does not provide an umbrella, we do offer them for $25/week/umbrella.

Advance Shipment:  Clients are always welcome to send items ahead so that they will be here upon arrival. We recommend USPS or UPS for heavier/larger boxes. Never use FedEx for shipments. Maximum weight is 40 lbs; please no oversized boxes without prior warning to CPR.  We recommend that you ship items at least 3 weeks prior, especially with USPS.

--- Please use this address for all shipments and then inform CPR of how many boxes/tracking #'s.

Culebra Property Rentals, LLC
C 20 Calle 4, Villa Muneco
Box 787 - "Your Last Name/Arrival Date"
Culebra, PR  00775-0787​​

General ​Rental Policies

& Services

The remaining balance is due in full at the time of check-in. Your remaining balance will usually include the rent balance + security or damage deposit + applicable taxes.

Personal checks are NOT accepted for remaining balances unless you have rented from us previously and it has been approved by CPR to do so.  Otherwise, balances are accepted in cash, bank/cashiers check, travelers checks or money orders.  We do not accept credit cards at this time.



No-Smoking Policy

All our homes have a very strict no-smoking policies.  Smoking in the houses is absolutely prohibited as is smoking outside on wooden decks.  As Culebra is a semi-arid island, we often have extremely dry spells and an errant cigarette butt could potentially catch an entire hillside on fire which is why we use such extreme caution.

If you must smoke, please do so outside away from the house and away from dry grasses, etc. and always use an ashtray or other safe butt disposal system.  If smells or damage are found due to smoking (inside or outside), some or all of your security deposit may be held, depending on the extent of the damage.

Pet Policy

All our homes have a very strict no-pets allowed policy. Seasonally fleas, ticks and sand fleas can be uncommonly bad here on Culebra, so even if your pet is currently pest-free,​​ its too simple for these pests to be brought into houses on pets after a romp on the beaches. 

Additionally, Culebra has no veterinarian services on-island so please consider this when deciding whether or not to bring your pet here. All services and emergencies must be dealt with in Fajardo or San Juan Emergency Vet if an event occurs after-hours or over a holiday period.

Lastly, if you are found to have a pet on property, you risk being asked to vacate the house (quite possibly with no refunds) and your entire security deposit return will be delayed and held for no less than 60 days. This allows us to exterminate and confirm that there are no infestations. At the end of the 60 days, CPR will confirm how much of and whether your security deposit will be refunded.

Seasonal Rates:  In-Season Rates apply from December 15th thru April 30th

                              Off-Season Rates apply May 1st thru December 14th 

General Rate Info:  Our rates are based on a 1-week (7 nights) minimum stay.  We will prorate for each night over 7.  Each home we represent has its own maximum occupancy and the rates are adjusted according to the number of people in your party. Rates are generally based on the assumption of double occupancy per room (i.e.: 2 people would open 1 bedroom, 3 people would open 2 bedrooms).  We do not open an entire house on every rental; it is based on your actual occupancy.

Some houses have higher prices that apply during Christmas through New Year's. We do NOT require a Saturday to Saturday schedule. The schedule for each home is based upon the individual schedule of each house and traveler.

Maid/Laundry Services:  Maid service is typically supplied for stays of 12 nights or longer. For stays over 8-9 nights but less than 12 nights, we typically leave extra linens and towels in lieu of a maid service.  Most homes on the exclusive and secluded east end of Culebra use rain water collected cistern water (no city water available) so there are no laundry facilities at these homes. There is however a coin-operated laundromat about 1.5 miles outside of town that can be utilized if you absolutely must do laundry during your stay.

Additionally, you may request a maid service for an additional charge. We will quote the rate (based on the house & occupancy) and confirm with the cleaners whether they have availability for your desired date & time. These cannot be guaranteed until confirmed with the cleaners. These maid services must be paid in cash directly to the cleaners on the day of service.

Once a reservation is confirmed with the 50% deposit, the deposit is non-refundable upon cancellation. The exception to this is if we are able to re-book your house for the same dates, then we would refund the deposit minus a $25 processing fee.

For clients who are uncomfortable with this policy, we strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance!

Security Deposits

Value-Added Services: 

Ferry Tickets Purchase Service: Since attempting to get ferry ticket can be stressful, we do offer to purchase tickets for you in advance. Your arrival date needs to be at least 3 weeks out and you need to provide us with desired dates/times as well as the # of adults/children. One-way tickets are $2.50. Total Cost will be the cost of the tickets + a service charge of $25.00, payable in cash upon arrival. We will make every attempt to get the tickets but cannot guarantee that they will be available. Tickets will be mailed and a photocopy of them will be emailed be texted to you as well. If you misplace the tickets, you only have to show the photo of the tickets at the window & they will reprint them for you.

Cancellation Policy

Security/Damage deposits are required on every house we represent; amounts vary based on individual houses. Security despots cover loss, breakage and excessive cleaning fees. They are promptly refunded/processed  within 14 days after check-out.

After you depart, a Culebra Property Rentals representative will inspect the property for damage, missing items and/or excessive mess. If the representative finds that everything is in order, the deposit will be refunded.  However, if issues are found, you will be contacted and informed of the amount CPR will be retaining from your deposit to cover the loss/damage.

Culebra Property Rentals, LLC


PO Box 787  Culebra, PR  00775-0787
Operating Under Island Realty, LLC   Puerto Rico Brokers License #C-18896

Check-In:    Guaranteed by 3:30pm

Check-Out:  10:30am

Earlier check-in times are very often available and we will certainly do our best to accommodate early arrivals. Late check-outs are permitted with notice and approval of CPR.


A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking and in order to secure your house/dates. If paying the deposit by check, a personal check will be accepted assuming your arrival date is no less than 3 weeks out. Checks must be received within 10 calendar days of the booking date. Otherwise, your house & dates will be released and made available for other bookings​​.  Please refer to the Cancellation Policy.