Michelle & Todd made the tiny island of Culebra their home five years ago. They spent the last two decades in the Washington DC/VA Metro area; actually meeting while both were working in the Biotech industry. One of their first trips together was to Culebra, 17 years ago. They searched for houses to rent in the Caribbean; a quiet place, a beach house, off the beaten path and found Culebra by total happy accident. They instantly fell in love with the friendliness of the locals, the laid back, no-rush attitude and pristinely clean island. They joked on their flight home, as many do, about how great it would be to live there....

Fast forward several years and several visits later, Michelle & Todd decided definitively that they wanted to live in Culebra and put together their long 1"1-year plan" to get there and finally leave the grind & commutes of corporate America. 

One of their major decisions was having to completely reinvent their careers. There were no jobs in Culebra in the Biotech industry and they knew they would need skill sets that were actually marketable. So, they both quit their biotech careers and took new paths. Todd managed a dive shop in the Northern Virginia area for nine years and worked to become a full SCUBA Instructor w/PADI, NAUI & SDI, and also became a licensed USCG Captain. Michelle entered into the Hospitality industry; working in hotels in the Washington DC Metro area; starting in Sales and Operations and then as a Corporate Troubleshooter for distressed hotels. They were on their way!

Several years later they were lucky enough to find a great house in Culebra to buy. The puzzle pieces were falling into place!  Slightly earlier than planned, Michelle had a "bad day at work" and told Todd she was done. She didn't want to do "this" anymore. No more hours of commuting, no more seventy-hour work weeks, no more fast food meals, no more stress. So they contacted their Real Estate agent, put their home on the market; figuring it would sell within six to eight months.  Three days later they had a cash offer, closed on the sale, and twenty-two days later they were in Culebra! To the utter disbelief of all their friends and family who had been listening to them talking about Culebra for over ten years, within three weeks, Michelle & Todd sold nearly everything they owned, turned off the cable, sold their cars, booked a one-way flight, arrived on island and started laying roots in the Culebra community.

Todd has worked in the dive industry for the last five years as a Scuba Instructor and USCG Captain.

Michelle has been in property management/vacation rentals for the last five years and has established a strong reputation as a "get-it-done" person.

They spend their spare time scuba diving or relaxing with a cocktail; Michelle in her garden, Todd playing his guitar and both of them giving & getting lots of love from their small cat colony of twenty-three cats... or is it twenty-six now?

Neither of them can imagine leaving Culebra; never back to the grind. Their plans of working for themselves and living in a place where everyday is spectacular fulfills every dream they've ever had and they couldn't be happier.

They hope you will join them in Culebra and experience all the beauty and peace that Culebra has to offer.

Our Story

Todd & Michelle Plaia

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