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For Homeowners Considering Renting


Attention To Detail.
When searching for a vacation home rental company, there are a lot of reasons to partner with Culebra Property Rentals, LLC. Vacation rentals are not as simple as just listing your investment online. There are many moving parts to consider; security, reservations, guest management, cleaning, maintenance, inventories, accounting, marketing and more. From the number of utensils in the kitchen drawer to ensuring your required room taxes are paid monthly, Culebra Property Rentals, LLC is a full vacation home rental company that believes that quality service and attention to detail keeps our partners, you, happy. We know that there are a lot of properties on island for lease and it takes exceptional service to keep yours in front of the rest, and clients returning year after year.

Where Is Your Money Going?
Culebra Property Rentals, LLC is a fully licensed (Puerto Rico Brokers License #C-18896) and bonded property management company located on Culebra Island. There is only one way to ensure your funds will be handled appropriately and that is to work with a licensed, respectable management company. Don’t make the mistake of turning YOUR money over to an individual and not knowing where it is going or if you are ever going to see it again. We hold your money in a local and required escrow account and give you full accounting of all your payments. There is never a question of where your money is being held.

Speak With Us.
Remember, don’t make the mistake of renting your home without also interviewing the management company. Renting with Culebra Property Rentals, LLC can make your next rental experience a positive one. If you own a home and are considering renting it as a vacation rental, give us a call 787-435-3441.