Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Should I take the ferry or fly?
A: Both forms of transport have their pros & cons though flying is infinitely more dependable and certainly faster. There is a ton of information on our page “Getting Here” that should help you make your decision.

Q:  Should I rent a car, golf cart, or bike on Culebra?
A:  Although it’s a small island, if you plan to spend time any place other than downtown and Flamenco Beach, it is definitely advisable to rent a vehicle. Publicos (Taxi Vans) can take you around town for only a few dollars. But for exploring the island, you’ll need other transportation. Also, consider where your rental house is located. If it’s off a paved road or up a really steep hill, you will probably want a jeep and/or 4-wheel drive vehicle. Golf carts are tons of fun unless it rains all week. Culebra has lots of hills and narrow roads so take that into consideration when considering bikes & scooters.

Q:  Does my rental house provide linens & towels?
A:  Yes! All Culebra Property Rentals’ homes provide bed linens as well as beach & bath towels; even kitchen towels and rugs where needed.

Q:  Does my rental house provide any household goods or do I have to buy them?
A:  Most houses usually have kitchen basics like coffee filters, salt & pepper and they may have some spices & condiments, though nothing is guaranteed.  As far as personal items, Culebra Property Rentals provides you with a “starter set” that includes a few small soaps in each bathroom as well as a few rolls of toilet paper, a roll of paper towels, dish soap, kitchen sponge, a few trash bags and dishwasher detergent (where applicable). It’s usually enough to last at least a day or two. After that, it’s up to you to buy/replace whatever more you need for the remainder of your stay.

Q:  How do I get to my rental home?
A:  Culebra Property Rentals offers a full-service “white-glove” check-in service. A representative from Culebra Property Rentals will contact you to coordinate a meeting time & place which will depend on how/when you are arriving in Culebra and who you are renting your vehicle from. You have the opportunity to be shown a quick tour of the downtown area and/or do a quick shopping trip before heading out the house. Then you will follow them to the rental house where they will do a walk-through of the house with you and your family. They will also complete all paperwork and handle payments, etc. there at the house.

Q:  What should I do on the morning I check-out?
A:  Please leave your set of rental keys on the kitchen counter & leave doors & windows closed but unlocked. Please take out all trash and dispose of it properly in the bins provided at street level or where otherwise indicated. Please do not leave any dirty dishes. If the house has a dishwasher, please start the dishwasher, but we are happy to put them away when it’s finished its cycle. Please remember that part of your security deposit also covers excessive cleaning fees, so if you have big messes, please clean those up too prior to your departure.

Q:  I have too much stuff! Can I send boxes ahead of time?
A:  Yes! And due to the weight restrictions on the smaller planes, depending on how much stuff you have, this may be a cost savings. Just be sure not to send anything liquid or perishable.  Use USPS or UPS ONLY!! Boxes must weigh 40 lbs or less. We charge a small service charge of $25 for pick-up/delivery to your house.  Use this address:

Culebra Property Rentals
C 20 Calle 4, Villa Muneco
Box 787 – “Your Last Name/House Name/Arrival Date”
Culebra, PR  00775-0787​​

Q:  Does my rental house provide a beach umbrella? If not, where can I rent one?
A:  Beach umbrellas are not an item that we require our houses to provide. Once in awhile a guest will leave one and it stays at the house, but it cannot be guaranteed. If you’re going to Flamenco Beach, there is a vendor there that will rent you a chair & an umbrellas for approx $30/day. However, we also offer beach umbrellas rentals for $25/week. Please let us know ahead of time so we may reserve one for you; payable in cash at check-in.

Q:  I’ve heard the grocery stores have limited hours on Sundays & Holidays? I’m arriving on a Sunday so how do I get groceries?
A:  Sometimes, our markets will decide to stay open extra hours or on a holiday, but it’s not usually announced ahead of time. So if you prefer, we can shop for you, small or big stock-up; it’s up to you. For a small list of basics, your total is the cost of the groceries + a $25 service charge to cover our time & gas. If it’s a more extensive list or requires trips to more than one market, the service fee may be increased. Please note that brand specific or speciality item requests cannot always be accommodated, but we will do our best to find all the items on your list.

Q:  Where can I snorkel/dive? Where can I rent equipment?
A:  See our “The Beaches” page for information on all our beaches. Culebra Divers, located on the ferry dock is the best place to book dive & snorkel trips. You can also rent or buy high quality snorkel gear there!

Q:  Can I bring my pet?
A:  Our houses have a very strict “no pets” policy due to issues with tick, flea & sand flea infestation. So please, no pets!!  Additionally, keep in mind that there is no vet on-island, so pets must be taken by plane or ferry to the mainland to see a vet.