Culebra is a small island but you will still need a rental car to enjoy it to the fullest, especially to get to the more beautiful and remote beaches.  You should reserve your rental car as soon as (or even before!) you book your vacation home rental, as vehicles sell out well in advance for prime dates.  Almost all the vehicles are SUVs, though some golf carts and motor scooters are also available.  Prices range from $55-$85 per day, depending on the company, type and size of the vehicle.  Remember to fill the gas tank in advance during busy times, as gas sells out sometimes too!


Please note that this schedule is subject to change at any time, without notice.


787-741-8331  Main Office

787-742-0254  Culebra

787-253-3644  San Juan Int'l

787-722-3736  Isla Grande

1-888-901-9247  Toll Free

                                               TAXIS-MAINLAND                                                  TAXIS-CULEBRA                           

                                                                 Shawn Herrera     787-513-7685                             Xavier Cortes       787-463-0475            
                                                                 Lois Rodriguez    787-600-9462                             Nelson Acosta      787-972-0928                                   
                                                                 John                    787-354-5851 

                                                                 Don Jose             787-318-8147


There are 3 airports most frequently used for getting to/from Culebra (CPX). The planes are small 6-8 passenger planes due to the short runway in Culebra.

Flights out of San Juan International Airport (SJU) are the most expensive but also most convenient as they do not require additional transportation. Cape Air, Air Flamenco & Vieques Air Link all fly out of SJU.  Isla Grande Airport (SIG) is a smaller, regional airport in San Juan; approximately a 15 minute taxi ride from the San Juan International Airport. Ceiba Airport (FAJ) is about 1 hour south east of San Juan, just 5 miles south of the Fajardo ferry dock. Only Air Flamenco & Vieques Air Link fly out of these two smaller airports.  Round trip from SJU can be upwards of $180-240 depending on schedule. Flights from Isla Grande are usually in the $90-$160 range. Flights from Ceiba are usually around $80-$120 round trip.

It is best to book airline tickets well in advance. Be patient when calling ... sometimes it takes many rings or several attempts to reach an agent. Even better, most days you can book online!

There are only two ways to get to Culebra; by small airplane or by ferry. Both have their pros & cons. Hopefully this section will provide enough information to assist you in making the best choice for you, your family and your budget.  Sometimes guests will take the ferry one way and fly the other; both are beautiful ways to travel to Culebra.

Of course, this information is subject to change at any time, without notice and we cannot assume responsibility. 



787-724-1105  Main Reservations
787-724-1818  Main Reservations

787-742-1040  Culebra

787-742-0058  Culebra

787-534-4220  Ceiba

787-724-6464  Isla Grande
1-877-535-2636  Toll Free

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Getting Here


The ferry dock is located in Fajardo, on the east coast of the main island, about an hour south of San Juan (traffic permitting). You should arrive at least an hour in advance to purchase tickets, (many hours in advance during holiday periods). Ferry tickets cannot be bought online or over the phone. Ferry tickets can be bought in person once you are at the Fajardo Ferry Terminal. If you are also returning by ferry, purchase round trip tickets at this time. Most issues with the ferries occur during peak travel times -- Christmas, Easter week, Presidents' week, and in July and August. If you are arriving to Culebra by ferry, we ask that you call us once the ferry is leaving the terminal so we know if it's on schedule and again as its docking in Culebra.

It is very difficult to obtain advance reservations on the cargo (vehicle) ferry and you should not plan to bring a rental car over from the main island as most car rental companies in Puerto Rico do not allow their vehicles to be taken on the ferry.  It is recommended to park your rental car in Fajardo and rent another in Culebra.

The ferry ride is about 60-90 minutes and the air conditioning inside is very cold (bring a jacket and/or blanket!). The passenger fare to/from Culebra is $2.50 per person each way. Passengers may also ride the cargo ferry for the same price; vehicle prices depend on the size of the vehicle.  There are often delays and cancellations, so be prepared!

It is usually impossible to reach the Port Authority by phone, but the main number is (800) 981-2005. The Culebra ticket office is (787) 742-3161, Fajardo ticket office (787) 863-0705 or (787) 863-0852.

Advance Ticket Service:  Since getting tickets can be a bit of a headache, as a service to our guests, we can purchase advance ferry tickets and mail them to you for an additional service fee of $25.00. A one-way adult ferry ticket costs $2.50. Of course, we would need ample notification to mail the tickets. We cannot guarantee that tickets will be available for the date/times you request. We cannot guarantee that the tickets will arrive on time, nor does a ticket guarantee a spot at the time indicated on the ticket. ​​