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Operating Under Island Realty, LLC   Puerto Rico Brokers License #C-18896

Culebra Property Rentals, LLC offers sophisticated vacation rentals; the best rental properties on the island.  Spend one of your most memorable trips in one of the prettiest vacation spots in the Caribbean.

Culebra offers stunning attractions by land and by sea.  Our exclusive properties will be the perfect starting point to explore the area, its fauna and flora as well as our world class beaches.  If you prefer a quiet vacation with less activities, our upscale vacation homes and beach houses, with their contemporary furnishings and quiet locations are ideal for that too.

​Come for the beauty, simplicity, adventure and romance.  Culebra will not disappoint.

Why Rent From Us?

Our Story

Michelle & Todd made the tiny island of Culebra their home five years ago. They spent the last two decades in the Washington DC/VA Metro area; actually meeting while both working in the Biotech industry. One of their first trips  together was to Culebra 17 years ago. They searched for houses to rent in the Caribbean; a quiet place, a beach house, off the beaten path and found Culebra by total happy accident. They instantly fell in love with the friendliness of the locals, the laid back, no-rush attitude and pristinely clean island. They joked on their flight home, as many do, about how great it would be live there....  READ MORE.....

"Open Some Days, Closed Others," reads the sign on a souvenir kiosk near the canal that cuts through a part of this island. It's a pretty good motto for most of Culebra.  Visitors don't come here for high-brow entertainment; they come for one thing; beaches. Culebra is known around the world for its curvaceous coastline. Playa Flamenco, the tiny islands' most famous stretch of sand, is considered one of the top ten best beaches in the world. If Playa Flamenco gets too crowded, as it often does around Easter or Christmas, many other neighboring beaches will be nearly deserted. And if you crave complete privacy, hire a chartered boat to take you to one of the nearby islets such as Isla Culebrita or Cayo Luis Peña. It won't be difficult to find a little cove that you will have all to yourself.  Famous for its diamond-dust beaches and world-class diving reefs, sleepy Culebra is probably more famous for what it hasn’t got than for what it actually possesses. There are no big hotels here, no golf courses, no casinos, no fast food chains, no rush-hour traffic and, best of all, no stress!

Exclusive Properties

Culebra Property Rentals is a boutique property management company who truly cares about your experience.  We work very hard to provide the highest quality houses to rent and level of customer care you'll ever experience so you can have the most enjoyable vacation in Culebra.

  • Our exclusive island homes offer water views and trade breezes; some beachfront, some with infinity pools and some with private dipping pools.
  • Our homes are privately owned homes.  This means that your vacation rental has not been furnished like a hotel but by owners who have put thought and care into their home.
  • All of our properties are ready when you move in.  We inspect each home prior to the rental to ensure that everything is ready prior to your arrival.
  • Our homes are fully furnished and have specific quality and amenity standards.
  • All homes have fully equipped kitchens.
  • Our homes have dedicated caretakers, so if there is an emergency there is always someone available to respond in a timely manner.
  • All deposits that are retained by us are kept in a FDIC insured bank, and a licensed and insured broker’s account.
  • Culebra Property Rentals, LLC is a fully licensed property management company in Puerto Rico.
  • Culebra Property Rentals, LLC is registered with Puerto Rico Tourism.

We pride ourselves in being the most knowledgeable, courteous and customer service-oriented property management company on-island, standing on over twenty years of history with our home owners and repeat guests. We are directly involved in the day to day operations to ensure you have a care-free vacation.

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